🌟 Bike Art Spotlight! 🌟

Calling all creators who infuse their passion for biking into art, be it through paintings, drawings, multimedia, or even transforming bike frames into masterpieces.

We'd love to hear more about your artistic journey, the inspiration behind your bike art, and anything else you'd like to share.

send in your submission HERE and we'll be in touch via email very soon.

We're thrilled to announce our first Bike Art Spotlight

Gabriel Quintanilla aka The Cyclepit 

With a passion for cycling and expertise in metalworking, sculpting, and bike mechanics, Gabriel transforms recycled bike parts into stunning jewelry, furniture, and sculptures. His journey began with crafting a bike polo trophy for a San Antonio tournament and creating pieces inspired by crit races. Join us in celebrating the artistry born from the fusion of cycling and craftsmanship!

Bike Tube Roses

A while back I had gotten the idea to make the roses out of tubes for valentines day. I remembered there was a way to make roses out of ribbon and when I was cutting the tubes open I saw the tubes were pretty much rubber ribbon

Bike Wheel Christmas Tree

The tree I had the idea for a long time but just didn't have enough rims to make it till I started working at a Recyclery and there was a junk yard to pick though all the rims and bike parts I needed

Bike Tube Furniture 

Ive continued using tubes and other bike parts that would be laying around destined for the junk yard to make jewelry furniture and sculptors out of recycled bike parts. 

See more of Gabriel's cool AF Art on his Instagram HERE

Stay tuned for more exciting features as we pedal into the 4th year of Bike Story Night.